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About us

Idealized in South Portugal (Algarve). Developed in Lisbon. Turned into reality at Ericeira. GOAT Wearable Culture was born in August 2020, since then, we create products inspired by some of the Greatest of all Time from Hip-Hop and RnB, that express an opinion and speak for themselves.

Madalena is a graphic designer and Sebastião is a marketing/people´s person, since the early days of the brand they collaborate with other projects and artists in order to grow the awareness around the independent market.
With a mission to change the way we consume, we believe that supporting and buying local, can be another step in the right direction, for a healthier planet.

This is why all of our production uses only organic and recycled materials, that are certified for the NGO´s that support slow fashion and is against the mass consumption we witness daily.


Waka dog at GOAT StandGOAT Team

All of the customization is made in Portugal, Ericeira, right next to the ocean.
Gonçalo and Sofia are the team that turn our designs and work into garments that look sick, and builds a genuine connection between the product and the person wearing it.

By working with Fair-Wear, GOTS, Peta-Vegan free, we make it possible to offer a high quality garments with a low impact on the planet.

In a constant pursuit to collaborate and support projects that we identify with, at a worldwide scale, is has been an amazing adventure that has connected with amazing people :)

Mozambique skateschool

During the creative process for each piece, we focus on minimalist yet powerful designs, with the mix of colors and the way they naturally work together, each design is unique and eyecatching, while maintaining a classy, timeless product.

Due to our natural instinct to create and try different things, we often produce limited editions of some products, which we only add to our collection after aproval from our community/customers. This way we assure a more sustainable way of producing, leaving no space for "dead stock".

In november 22 we had a collaboration with Google Cloud at their stand in Lisbon´s WebSummit, being one of Portuguese Independent brands represented there.

With a clear emotional side on and off the products, it has been beautiful to see how people from around the world connect with GOAT Wearable Culture and its positioning.

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